Why should I choose a calligrapher when I can just use my computer?

Your computer is fine for fast uniform typing of fonts.  However, calligraphy allows for greater creativity, since it is written by hand.  Typing your addresses in a fancy font may appear pretty, but it can be cold and sterile and it is not very "special".  Hand-lettering offers your guests a memorable keepsake that is made especially for them.

Why is calligraphy so expensive?

Calligraphy is personal, therefore it takes more time to produce.  Each project is priced according to the degree of complexity and time frame.  Please email or call me to discuss the details of your project.

How much will calligraphy cost?

It is difficult to set one price since calligraphy involves different variables

    font choice standard hand or special font duplication

    color set-up one -time charge when applicable

    paper quality depends on the type of paper or lining used, if applicable

    time allotment based on total amount of envelopes

   Please see the Prices page for more information.

How long will it take for my job to be completed?

The time frame is determined by the type of work being done.  Envelopes and place cards are based on the total amount of the order and any special requests (i.e., color, font duplication, lining. etc.)  Most orders are completed within two weeks, however, it is preferable to have as much time as possible. 

Rush orders can be accommodated, but will incur an extra charge.

What if there are mistakes?

We are happy to correct any of our errors within 24 hours at our expense.  Unfortunately, you will be charged for your own errors.  Therefore, it is important to proofread everything very carefully before sending it to the calligrapher.  We only accept typewritten copy, so please keep an original for yourself.  Always include approximately 20% additional envelopes and/or place cards to allow for additions or mistakes.